About me

My name is Domenic Cassisi. I grew up in a small village in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. I first got into touch with computer science in middle school, where I built a binary clock as part of a school project. After high school, I decided to study computer science at Furtwangen University.

During my studies, I focused primarily on topics related to software engineering and software architecture. I discovered many interesting concepts during my master’s studies, such as domain-driven design, event sourcing, distributed systems, event-driven architectures/microservices, and cloud-native development. I developed an event-driven library system prototype as part of my master thesis, in which I could apply many architecture patterns I learned about previously.

At a very early stage, I discovered that I really enjoy working with customers. Providing solutions to real-life problems and seeing happy customer faces has always pleased me. Hence, I founded a start-up, Cassisi IT, which enables small and medium-sized companies and organizations to enter the World Wide Web. 


Domenic Cassisi

My main projects

Application for Data Documentation in Cardiac Surgery

As part of my bachelor thesis, I designed and developed a desktop application for data documentation in cardiac surgery at the University Hospital in Freiburg. The application is still in use today by the surgery team and has recorded more than 300 surgeries so far.

Event-Driven Library System

As part of my master thesis’ proof of concept, I implemented an event-driven library application prototype. The proof of concept consists of 17 projects / applications and applies multiple concepts and architectural patterns, including event sourcing, CQRS, domain-driven design and event-driven microservices.

Software for Managing PhD Students

During bachelor studies, I was a project leader and software architect of a team of five students. We developed a client-server application for managing the PhD students of the faculty of computer science.

More to follow…